Tweet Library

Tweet Library keeps a local searchable archive of your own tweets, favorites, and retweets so that you can find important tweets later. It adds collections so that you can curate your timeline by organizing related tweets together. And it includes custom filters to automatically group or hide tweets.

I’ve known about this app for a number of years, but really never paid it much mind because Twitter’s API constraints meant it couldn’t reach further back in your timeline than your last 3200 tweets. A few days ago I came across it again (in my buddy Federico Viticci’s list of must-have iPhone apps for 2013), and the fact that it was now available for the iPhone (instead of just the iPad) was enough to pique my interest.

I was hoping it would now support the importing of the tweet archives Twitter made available at the end of 2012 , and sure enough…it does! It’s as simple as putting the archive file in a particular Dropbox folder, after which the app imports your tweets and from then on out you’re up to date (the app will download your latest tweets each time you open it, so you’re always synced up).

I do all of my Twitter’ing from the iPhone, and so having on my phone a searchable archive of everything I’ve ever tweeted is pretty awesome. (I used to use Tweet Nest for this sort of thing (and loved it), but since it requires its own MySQL DB, and I’m now using Jekyll+Amazon S3 for this site, it just wasn’t an option anymore.)