Bolt: Portable USB battery backup with built-in wall charger

Bolt is the world’s smallest portable USB wall charger combined with a built in 3000mAh rechargeable battery that will charge your mobile device, anywhere.

I think this looks awesome, and I really want to back it (w/ the t-shirt package), but I’m a little concerned about the 5V/1A output rating, which is the same as the chargers that come with iPhones. I specifically use Apple’s 12W chargers for all of my iOS devices because their output rating is 5.2V/2.4A, and, as you may have surmised, charge iPhones faster (if only slightly—at the end of the day, the phone will draw only as much current as it’s designed to draw), especially if you’re actually putting the phone through its paces while charging it.

(The 12W chargers now come standard with iPad 4’s; I believe they were 10W for all previous models.)