Supr Slim wallet

I make it a point to carry as few cards as possible, because, well, why the hell not? I carry just my license, a Simple card, and an AMEX credit card. That’s it. I don’t carry cash.

The last thing I want to do is increase the thickness of this stack any more than necessary, so when I came across the Kickstarter project for the Supr Slim wallet, I (along with 6,236 others) backed it immediately.

I received the wallet a few weeks ago, but used it for just a couple of days before reverting to my beloved Güs card case (“splitshot perforation black”, for those wondering).

To be clear, there was nothing wrong with the wallet. It was exactly as promised—a piece of elastic, closed off at the bottom. It’s constructed well (I mean, as far as a piece of elastic can be) and had no problem holding onto my admittedly short stack of plastic; I had no worries that a card would fall out.

The problem for me was the look and feel of it. I just didn’t like it. To me it looked kind of silly in person, and, if I’m being totally honest, I just didn’t like taking it out in public. Moreover, getting a single card out of it isn’t terribly easy, and I was working with just three cards; I imagine that the more cards you shove in there, the harder it is to get at the one you want.