Hard Graft’s 2UNFOLD leather laptop bag

I’ve had my eye on this beautiful bag ever since they started teasing it earlier this year. Seriously, that color? Wow! Love. It. (I was a fan of the original brown leather version they started selling late last year, but this new color has really put me over the edge.)

The only reason I haven’t ordered one already is because I currently have a 15 MacBook pro, which will fit in the bag only vertically, and that’s just not how I want the bag to function (i.e., I want to use it like this). That said, I’m thinking very seriously about ordering one now (they’re limited edition!) and putting it away until the next revision of the 13 MBP, because if that machine closely approximates or exceeds the power of the current 15, then I’m definitely making the transition.

(I’ve bought a few items from Hard Graft over the years, even before they were known as Hard Graft (they used to go by Working Class Heroes), and can say without hesitation that their stuff is top-notch.)