ClickToFlash is a WebKit plug-in to prevent automatic loading of Adobe Flash content

For the last few years I’ve utterly refused to use a web browser that didn’t allow me to block Flash in some manner. Firefox has had the venerable FlashBlock extension for years, but when it comes to nightly builds of the browser, the extension generally is a bit unpredictable or doesn’t work at all.

I’ve actually been using Safari pretty exclusively for the past few months, and employing SafariStand to allow manual invocation of Flash content (and I just adore the option of vertical, thumbnailed tabs, especially since Safari won’t let me key-shortcut to certain tabs or scroll the tab bar (Firefox lets me do both)).

I of course want to use WebKit nightlies, but they break SafariStand’s Flash-blocking features (though the aforementioned tab options always seem to work without issue). And now, the point: ClickToFlash appears to work fine with nightly builds of WebKit!

(I note that there’s an enhanced version of ClickToFlash that allows site-whitelisting by simply holding the option key when enabling a Flash box; the only site I can think of wanting on that list is Google Finance.)

(Via John Gruber.)